The project


In 2007, CEHDA organized the first exchange where Catalan people went to Ghana to learn and share the real rural life in this country. During this experience, the project "Children's Home of Sawla" for Sawla's community needy children, who are motherless, fatherless or had lost both of their parents, was initiated. In addition the lack of resources of the families who are taking care of them makes it difficult for them to provide education, health care and a proper diet.


The “Home for Needy Children” is working at the moment with some of it´s activities that are the education of the 15 Needy children with it has already started the project. In addition, the project wants to make extra classes for the Needy Children, is to teach them some professions, skillful training and formation, and to assure their alimentation and health care.


Our aim is to go to Ghana and help in whatever we can to make this project real. Help the children to have the best life quality and education as possible as well as running new projects while we are in Ganha. Moreover, we also look for donations for the NGO so they can continue projects of this type.


Our main project in Ghana will have the aim of encouraging gender equality beyond children by doing different workshops and sport activities.

The project's results will be shown in our webpage.